Looking for some Cute Teddy Day 2018 SMS for your lover? Here we have a lot of them available with us for you. Some of these Teddy Day Messages for Girlfriend 2018 are so good that it can increase your girlfriend’s love for you.

If you still feel it unbelievable send any of these Teddy Day SMS 2018 to your lover and see how effective it is.

Cute Teddy Day 2018 SMS for Girlfriend

“My mother gave me lots of
Teddies in my childhood,
But in my young age,
I am giving my all teddies
To you, so care them all including me.
Happy teddy day………”

“Teddy bears don’t need hearts
as they are already stuffed with love.
I m ur Teddy with a big heart.
To my cutest cuddly wife
Who is certainly my life
This teddy bear is a sign
That you will be forever mine
Happy teddy bear day!”

“I wish I were a cell in your blood, so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart. Happy Teddy Bear Day”

“By Gifting You This Teddy, I Want To Show Am Ready, To Make You Mine And Fill My Life With Sunshine …”

“Teddy day is a special day,
I met my true love this day,
I saw her and she smiled at me,
I never forget that event,
When my whole body was vibrating
Because of her lovely sight.
Happy teddy day…..”

“I miss the laughs, I used to get from you, I miss the talks we used to have & above all, I just miss YOU! Happy Teddy Bear Day.”

“Wen a TOUCH could HEAL a wound Wen EYES’S cud SPEAK volumes Wen a SMILE can confirm I M THERE then why do v need owrds 2 say ‘I LOVE YOU.’ Happy Teddy Bear Day”

“You always live within me,
You always laugh within me,
And makes me happy and smiling,
You always gives me a soft and
Touchy feeling just like a lovely teddy.
Happy teddy day……”

“You always live in my thoughts and heart,
You always flow in my arteries and veins,
And I want to always care and love you just like a soft and sweet teddy.
Happy teddy day……!”

“Guzar jai ga yeah din yar gar tum kartay ho kisi se pyar milega na aisa mauqa kabhi phir bahot pachtao gay tum yar isi liye kehte hain tumsay ke kar lo tum jaldi jaldi izhar.”

“My bedroom is full of teddies,
As, a bedroom without teddy,
Is just like a face without smile,
My heart is full of your love,
As, a heart without true love,
Is just like a planet without air and water.
Happy teddy day………”

“I want to present you a lovely teddy,
On this special teddy day,
To show you my love and affection to you.
Happy teddy day….”

“Last teddy day was so special for me,
This was the day I met you,
This was the day I said you,
I love you,
Happy teddy day……”

“Whenevr u c LOVE coming, WELCOME it, open ur Arms,Embrace it & let it ENTER into U! People will ask UR U in LOVE? jst say-no,LOVE is in me! Happy Teddy Bear day”


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