Searching for the Latest Rose Day Messages for Girlfriend? Here we have a huge collection of them for you. After a lot of research, we have selected the Cutest Rose Day SMS 2018 and published here for you.

If you are expecting a special feeling in the mind of your lovers for you, these Happy Rose Day Messages 2018 can do it for you with ease. Each of these messages are so cute that your lover can’t resist herself from giving a kiss to you after reading them.

So, don’t waste your time thinking and waiting, share these messages to your dear ones and enjoy their love.

Cute Rose Day SMS for Girlfriends

Share roses to your girlfriends on Rose Day 2018. Also, send cute and lovely SMS on Rose Day. Cute Rose Day SMS for Girlfriends is having a great collection of SMS solely related to Rose Day 2018.

“Love is an ocean and everyone wants to drown in it, some wins some loses in love, love is a rose which each one wants to pluck, but I want to kiss this rose and want to keep it with me forever.”

“A rose doesn’t only mean for proposing love.
it also means

R- Rare
O- Ones
S- Supporting
E- Entire life

Will you always be there?”

“Your love is like the fragrance of Roses. It reminds me always about you. Roses for you and loads of love too.”

“Believe me, you are the one Whom my heart finds Whom my mind reminds me of Whom my destiny wants Whom i love the most The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.”


“Friendship is not like the rose nor like the thorns, it is like the stem which hold both of them together till the end. Happy rose day to my love”.


“mat muskurao itana ki phulo ko khabar laga jaye,
ham karen apaki tariph aur apako Najar laga jaye
khuda kare bahut lambi ho apaki jindagi,
aur us par bhi hamari umra laga jaye….”


“Sweeter than the candies lovelier than the red roses more huggable than soft toys that’s what you’re here’s wishing you a Rose Day.”


“Everything About You Is Interesting, Your Smile, Your Laughter, Your Beauty, Your Scent And Your Company. I Always Think Of You With A Smile On My Face. I Love You My Precious Rose. Happy Rose Day!”


“I guess you already know that RED is my favorite. If you know what I mean. Don’t you? Here is a bunch of roses for you, of course RED. Happy Rose Day”


“Lovely roses and lovely you, lovely are the things you do, but lovliest is our love so true, one is me and one is you”
“If you think am selfish, then yes m selfish bcoz, m not ready to share you with anyone. Here are red roses for you. Happy rose day my love…”


“haste rahen aap hajaron ke bicha mein,
jaisae haste hain phul baharon ke bicha mein,
rosana ho aap duniya mein is tarah,
jaisae hota hai chand sitaron ke bicha mein”



“4 hrs make a lovely day 7 days make a lovely week 52 weeks make a lovely year and knowing a person like me will make your life lovely Have a lovely Rose Day n life.”


“Every bird cannot dance But peacock do it Every friend can not reach my heart but u did it Every Flower cannot express love But rose do it.”


“You are so special to me, this I recognized the very first day I met you. Today I place my heart, and these roses beneath your feet. Plz accept these roses and mine heart forever…”

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